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Terms and Conditions

Her Majesty’s Government have passed an Act Of Parliament introducing regulations that govern the way that agencies work in the UK and require certain things to be set out in writing and agreed between agents and people with whom they do business.

To carry out these duties we need to receive back from you a signed copy of our Standard Terms of Business as well as the following information:

1. a) The name of an authorised signatory who will sign the attached document on behalf of your organisation (for example the organisation could be a company, partnership, sole trader, etc.)

b) All contact details including email addresses, mobile numbers and business mailing address.

2. a) If you are signing on behalf of a company we require:

i. The Company registration number

ii. The Registered company address (as on your Certificate of Incorporation)

iii. A copy of your Certificate of Incorporation (The legal paperwork stating your registered company name, company number and company address.)

b) If you are operating individually we require a copy of your passport. In order to be as uniform as possible with other UK agencies the attached Standard Terms Of Business are based on the guidelines issued by the Agents Association of Great Britain. Please note that any person or company in the UK that offers agency services and does not agree terms of business with you is acting illegally under UK law.

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