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NEW signing: Rakim and Eric B !

Wed, Aug 28 2019
  • Rakim and Eric B 

​Eric B. & Rakim are a hip hop duo formed in Long Island, New York, in 1986, composed of Eric B. (born Eric Barrier) and MC Rakim (born William Michael Griffin Jr.). AllMusic wrote that "during rap's so-called golden age in the late '80s, Eric B. & Rakim were almost universally recognized as the premier DJ/MC team in all of hip-hop." They have been described as some of the best and most influential hiphop duos by several sources as well as one of the architects of hip-hop's jazz and funk movements in the Golden Age.

Their first single Eric B is President came out in 1986; shortly followed by their debut album Paid in Full the following year. Since then, they have produced three more studio albums with the last one Don't Sweat the Technique came out in 1992.

The duo broke up in the mid-nineties and went on their separate musical paths. They reunited almost twenty years later, in 2016, when Eric B. announced via Twitter that he and Rakim have reunited as a duo after 23 years and would tour in 2017. The duo's first reunion concert was held at the Apollo Theater in New York City on July 7, 2017. In 2018, they announced a 17-date American tour for that spring.