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Tue, Apr 21 2020

We're pretty sure you've been effected in some way economically by the Covid-19 pandemic. Unprecedented times. We're all trying to mitigate losses, rescheduling shows instead of cancelling them seems to be mechanic most are using. Unfortunately (in this booking game) with festivals, it's not a straight forward process. Some promoters are pushing dates back, for example from May to September, whilst others are forced to go next year via legislative bans. It's all a little chaotic isn't it, but we're choosing to be optimistic.

The financial measures offered by governments to industry are admirable. IQ-Magazine recently published an interesting article on what’s been done, and how you can access grants & funding, we trust this helps.

All our international touring work is now scheduled for 2021. We’ve chosen this, as there’s no centralised strategy for when we can resume normal business. Normality for us is being able to tour artists freely across Europe, and the way things are looking this isn’t going to be anytime soon. We’ve spoken to many promoters, agents, and managers over the last 3-4 weeks. It seems those shows that were due to take place late q1 – early q2, are now going ahead q4 2020. Interestingly this could be the busiest touring period in history, current trends and venue avails suggest so.

We’d like to express the importance of communication during this time. Meaningful dialog helps you pave the way for solutions, which aren’t always at the tip of your fingers. It also allows us free our minds a little during this pandemic, however you perceive it. We’d also like to wish you every success in getting through these difficult times, and thank those who are continuing to support our business.