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Arrested Development New Album

Wed, Jan 16 2019

In October 2018, while on a 26-date tour across Europe, Grammy award winner American hiphop band Arrested Development released their ninth studio album. Entitled Craft and Optics, it is composed of thirteen tracks and is now available on digital format.

The album speaks about the band’s love for being on stage and sharing their music, their vision of the world with their audience as they’ve been doing for thirty years now. This is particularly emphasized in the song “Vacant”. What matters to Arrested Development is not to fit into the hip-hop mould but to create unique music. Indeed, ever since its creation, the band has constantly defied and changed to meaning of “hip-hop” notably focusing on social issues.

If you like meaningful hip-hop and songs that have something to say, why not give Craft and Optics by Arrested Development a listen, we certainly enjoyed it.