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Eric B. and Rakim – architects of some the funkiest, smoothest, slick-talkingest records of rap’s Golden Era – are currently about to embark on their first European tour since the duo parted ways in 1992. 

The impact of their 1987 debut LP, Paid in Full – one of Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – represented nothing short of a changing of the guard: rap energy moving from rock star shouts to jazz cool, flows moving from party-rocking boom to knotty and floating, James Brown samples becoming a generation’s funky heartbeat, their Dapper Dan jackets showcasing re-purposed Gucci logos as fashion’s next wave. 

The four LPs they made together would provide enough indelible lines and samples to power generations of songs, including classics by the Game and 50 Cent (“Hate It or Love It”), Eminem (“The Way I Am”), Nas (“N.Y. State of Mind”), the Clipse (“Grindin’), and Aaliyah (“Try Again).

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2020 Reunion Tour

Festival dates July - August 2020